Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine

Material Travertine
Name Silver Travertine
Color Silver
Category Travertine
Origin Iran
Type Tile, Slab & Block
Tile/Slab Size According to order
Tile/Slab Thickness 2 CM & According to order
Tile/Slab Finish Polished, Honed & Leathered
Tile/Slab Price Range 19$ - 49$

Silver travertine is a rich color blend of gray shades. The most varieties of travertines are quarried in Iran. The name for this material in China stone market is 银灰洞 (Yínhuī dòng). Silver travertine has variation even in pattern depending on the type of cut used on the stone. In cross-cut, We have a surface with different tones of the same color due to the evasion of the tile’s vein during the cutting process. In vein-cut, we produce the slabs in a way that results in a sharp parallel vein with holes and alternating tones throughout the surface. The production and demands for vein-cut slabs and tiles are higher in this type.


Silver Travertine Tile

Bring inspiring style to your space with stunning Silver Travertine. A beautiful blend of silvers, grays, and creams, this Persian travertine collection adds instant sophistication and understated elegance. Moreover, the robust line offers several options of flooring, wall tile, and decorative mosaics and features a vein-cut look that delivers a breath of fresh air to traditional cross-cut travertine. These striking tiles combine light greys with abundant beige/cream tones. It is antique, tumbled finish accentuates its rustic nature. As a result, it provides a floor or wall finish, which oozes character.


Silver Travertine Slab

Generally, Silver travertine is an effortlessly chic looking stone. The color can fit in easily with any type of surrounding and style. This is one of the most marvelous colors of travertine and signifies stylishness and class.

Firstly, the standard stock thickness for travertine slabs is 2 cm and other thicknesses may be available upon request. Secondly, Standard finishes of slabs are polished & honed, specialty textured finishes such as leather, bamboo, and others may be available in stock or upon request. Please contact your King’s Sales Consultant to view photos of slabs currently in stock. Each slab will have different characteristics. Besides, we recommend our customers that inspect the slabs before purchase.

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