Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey Marble

Material Marble
Name Pietra Grey
Color Grey
Category Black Marble
Origin Iran
Type Tile, Slab & Block
Tile/Slab Size According to order
Tile/Slab Thickness 2 CM & According to order
Tile/Slab Finish Polished, Honed, Leathered
Tile/Slab Price Range 15$ - 45$

Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey is a famous grey marble. It has a uniform appearance with fine white streaks. So, Pietra Grey fits well in contemporary environments that wish to emphasize the use of natural stone. The sophisticated anthracite background color runs through with fine, candid grains that add a harmonious visual effect and the possibility for transversal use, in terms of both taste and application. An unmistakable style, superb production, and high performance make Pietra Grey an irreplaceable surface for enhancing any architecture or interior design project. Maximum technology also allows Pietra Grey, like all the other colors in the range, to be used in conventional building contexts – floors, wall coverings, and façades, as well as unique settings such as furnishings. Whether industrial design or custom-made, Pietra Grey is offering designers freedom of expression for creating total look solutions ensuring full visual continuity between floors, wall coverings, and furniture.

Our Pietra Gray Marble in different sizes and finishing, this targeted selection meets all specific technical and design needs.


Pietra Gray Marble

One of the most popular marbles of Iran is Pietra Grey. Pietra Gray Marble quarries are located in Isfahan province and very close to the city. The local name of it is Lashator. King Marble offers the Pietra Grey Marble in blocks, slabs, and different sizes of tiles. The Slabs and tiles of this well-known marble are sorted into three grades in our showroom after production. We try to meet different tastes in the market with the most competitive prices. Meanwhile, 2 cm and 3 cm slabs are available anytime at King Stone warehouse and we start the shipment as soon as getting the order.

Pietra Grey Tile

Grey is the color of the moment. Pietra Grey tiles are ideal to give the rooms, softness, and stillness. Its particular grey color contrasts with some white streaks. These grey marble tiles are virtually non-porous. similarly, there is no need to sealer and it is less likely to stain. Furthermore, it is minimally sensitive to acids. It will not acid etch or lose its surface sheen when exposed to acidic liquids.

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