Majestic Red Marble

Majestic Red Marble

Material Marble
Name Majestic Rose
Color Wine Red
Category Red Marble
Origin Iran
Type Tile, Slab & Block
Tile/Slab Size According to order
Tile/Slab Thickness 2 cm
Tile/Slab Finish Polished
Tile/Slab Price Range 28$ - 48$

Red Marble

Red marble is a beautiful and bold natural stone. It can add an amazing pop of color to any space within the home. Few stones are as visually striking as red majestic stone. Red marble slabs are sure to attract attention to your space. If you install the Majestic marble countertop, it can instantly become the focal point of your home. The stone also looks great as a backsplash or vanity top. If you want to add a bit of color and life to your space, choosing to install majestic marble can do just that.

Red Marble Flooring

Beautiful red flooring tiles and slabs stand out for the intensity. They radiate when the light strikes them. Finishes and the diverse personalities it can adopt. It has become indispensable in all kinds of interiors, giving it a unique quality. This is one of the main reasons for having become the favorite rose marble of interior designers and architects.

Majestic Rose Marble

The local name for this beautiful Persian rose color marble is Majestic Rose. Majestic marble quarry comprises dark red background as well as charming white veins. Due to the Majestic Rose firmness and very healthy texture, You can use it for the floors, walls, Lobbies, etc. Unlike many rose marble quarries, Majestic Rose is the only powerful quarry with such a design in the world. Majestic rose marble is usable in very deluxe and special projects, hotels, convention centers, and villas. Besides, the production team can provide the customers with very large quantities of majestic rose slabs for their large-scale projects.

Red Marble Slab & Tile

Certainly, the most similar marble to Majestic Rose Marble is Rosso Levanto Marble. However, Majestic Marble is sourced from Iran. It effortlessly blends red, brown, burgundy, black, and white tones into a natural masterpiece. Hence, Architects can alternate this stone with the Italian or Turkish rivals.


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