Botticino Marble

Botticino Marble

Material Marble
Name Botticino
Color Beige
Category Beige Marble / Cream Marble
Origin Iran
Type Tile, Slab & Block
Tile/Slab Size According to order
Tile/Slab Thickness 2 CM & 3 CM
Tile/Slab Finish Polished & Honed
Tile/Slab Price Range 25$ - 45$


Botticino Marble is a classical beige colored marble with some light spots. The grain of this marble is very fine with some rare rose veins. Botticino Marble stone has a creamy color background and this is one of the most appreciated marbles. Botticino Marble is the premium quality Persian Marble known as Shayan marble. It has a beautiful color and pattern with amazing shine. The quarry of Botticino Marble is located in Fars province, Iran. King Stone is one of the leading suppliers of Botticino Classico Marble. The Persian Botticino has many advantages, such as having larger quantities, competitive prices, and uniform color, and regular pattern and look.


Botticino Classico

The variety of colors of Botticino Classico marble is originated from the different concentrations and trends. inclusions of organic and inorganic origin in the homogeneous background composed of fine mud, mainly carbonate and limestone, which takes the name of mic rite. Shayan Marble is the most similar marble from Iran to Italian Botticino Classico. Certainly, Shayan Marble is one of the luxurious and expensive Iranian marble, which is highly demanding in the domestic market.

Classico Botticino marble is suitable for carrying out projects for interior design as marble staircases and flooring, interior decorations and objects for daily use, facings for luxurious bathrooms and, counter-tops for contemporary kitchens. This elegant and precious Persian marble is also suitable for exterior designs. The finishing like polished, honed, sanded, and brushed best express its beauty.


Shayan Marble

Firstly, the domestic name of Botticino Classico Marble is Shayan. This quarry is very vast and belongs to the government. however, it has separated areas with different beneficiaries. Above all, we supply Blocks, Slabs, and tiles of this material. China is the main buyer of Shayan Marble. In the China market, they call it 欧典 (Ōu diǎn) or Persia Cream. We process cream Shayan into Honed, Aged, Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, Sandblasted, Bush-hammered, Tumbled, and etc,. Dehbid stone quarries located in Safashahr. Safashahr is located 185 km north of Shiraz in Fars province. To clarify, Dehbid stone quarries include quarries: Hassan Abad, Shayan, Chahmorghi, Angourak, Zareh, and Aryan. Each mine has a different stone with special cream color and pattern. Although Shayan is the most regular one.

Moreover, Shayan’s special feature is that it has more than four categories. Therefore, the customer can select the most suitable sorting according to their budget. Blocks, 2 cm & 3 cm Slabs, 30*30, and 60*60 tiles are available in our warehouse.

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